• Stone and mortar were yesterday!

    Stone and mortar were yesterday!

    Today panels made ​​of polyurethane can look like brick walls!


  • Modern and classy!

    Modern and classy!

    Enhance your living room with decopanels. Quick & easy Installation!

  • For every surrounding the right Look!

    For every surrounding the right Look!

    From a quiet comfortable atmosphere to a modern style. Decopanels converts your vision into reality!

  • Even wood look - Absolutely deceptively real!

    Even wood look - Absolutely real!

    Durable & easy to handle. Can be mounted on virtually any surface in no time!

  • 26,91 € 29,90 € -10%
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    Description Our culture stone panels are in a rare color rust-red and offer a unique design option for your living area. Whether you want a modern or mediterranean ambience, both are possible after a short time and rebuilding phase with little effort. The high-quality reconstruction of stone walls gives your rooms a unique living experience and caters for... Description Our culture stone panels...

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  • 40,41 € 44,90 € -10%
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    Description The palaces wave stone panels are a special design element, because its undulating 3D structure with a silver-colored surface contribute to a modern and spacious ball in. Depending on the light through colored or neutral LED lights enchant the panel with its unique light and shade the wall to an absolute eye catcher. Description The palaces wave stone...

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  • 71,91 € 79,90 € -10%
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    Produktbeschreibung The bamboo panels are ideal design elements when it comes to creating of peace zones. Really fancy in the sauna or spa enchants the bamboo look any wall unique. Turn her homely bathroom in a modern wellness temple of the extra class. With these panels your imagination knows no bounds. Produktbeschreibung The bamboo panels...

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  • 35,91 € 39,90 € -10%
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    Description Our Castle stone panels in gray color are ideal for smaller areas to create a playful contrast. Some brownish shades lighten up the colors and create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. With our Castel stone panel you give any room that certain something. Realize with an elegant solution for your desired room atmosphere that lets you create your... Description Our Castle stone panels...

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